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We are supposed to have an official warranty policy. Probably something designed to protect us and give you some assurance and confidence that you will be properly cared for in the event you have a product failure. Something legal and enforceable.

All our products are made here by our own elves and are made with careful craftsmanship and materials. They are what they are and have been working well for our customers for 30 years. They are sometimes not the latest technology but are tried and true old school design.

We have none of our products made for us in China and only use non US parts when there is no other choice. Unfortunately that is becoming increasingly difficult and that saddens me tremendously.

Every 20 years or so you may need to send a product to us for a refresh because things do wear out. We will fix it for you cheap and you can hang it on the same rusty old nail for another 20 years.

So our policy is keep the equipment functioning properly and keep you happy.

We will always use our discretion to your favor. Workmanship is lifetime, other hard parts are a reasonable life expectancy, but electronic parts are 90 days but that is limited and negotiable.

That being said most the products we get back don't actually have anything wrong with them. We encourage you to call us and often we can resolve the issue over the phone. Also many people choose to get the parts from us and fix it themselves. We will help you. Don't be afraid to take it apart and give it a look. That is the first thing I do when something fails.

Call us if you have a problem and if necessary we will give you an RMA number to send it to us.

20% Restock fee on returned Items in like new condition. 


Green Air Products, Inc. guarantees that this equipment will perform as implied for the purpose it is intended. Green Air Products warrants the original purchaser of this equipment against defects in mechanical parts and workmanship for five (5) years. Electronic and sensitive parts 90 days. At our option we will repair or replace defective equipment. Warranty service is only performed at the factory or authorized service center. Any usage contrary to specified application or alterations of original construction will void warranty obligations. For further warranty information contact your dealer or Green Air Products, Inc. service department.

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