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Are your plants sad or mad at you? Are they just hanging out and not doing much? Are they suffering from symptoms of dificiencies or leaf disfigurement? Is the flower or fruit not setting and growing with the vigor you expect?

This amazing formula will snap them back to life fast and give them the boost they need. First Aid is a blend of uniquely derived micro-nutrients, humic acids, vitamins and plant extracts not found in other fertilizers. Use in combination with your regular nutrient feeding program. You should see favorable results almost immediately. We’re not even sure why it works so good, it just does! Use 4 teaspoon (20 ml) per gallon every three days for initial treatment. Use 10 ml per gallon with every watering for regular maintanence. Foliar treatment is advantagous for instant leaf remedy. May be used with soils or hydroponics, Use for transplants, seeds or cuttings to reduce stress


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