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The CT-DH-1 is designed to turn "On" exhaust and/or intake fans to remove excess or unwanted heat and humidity. Set your desired temperature and humidity using the dials. Internal sensors will allow a 7ºF temperature comfort zone and a 5% humidity span, (differential) between the time the fans activate for cooling or dehumidifying and then turn "Off" again. Plug-in and control circulation fans, exhaust fans, cooling systems, or dehumidifiers. The outlets on the CT-DH-1 are integrated, so that when either the temperature or humidity settings are exceeded, all four will activate, turning "On" equipment plugged into any of the four outlets.


The CT-DH-1 operates on 120 Volt AC with 15 amp maximum switching capacity and is intended for indoor use only. Be sure to locate your atmospheric controller where it will accurately sample and respond to the average air conditions. Good air circulation around the controller and in your garden space is essential. Avoid locating the controller in a draft or in direct sunlight.


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