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The CDMC-6 is the most sophisticated and versatile CO2 monitor/controller available today. It uses artificial intelligence logic programming to determine the unique characteristics of your enclosure to prevent overshooting by your CO2 producing equipment and maximize on efficiency and economy. It still remains a popular choice for those whom money is not a limiting factor. The sensor can be placed remote from the controller allowing better access to plant zone and CO2 equipment. For more explanation of its enhanced features click on link below. Click on the image at the bottom of the page to go to the CDMC-6 product page.

The CDMC-6 can be special ordered 220v or 240v - 50 or 60 hz for international use.





The CDMC-6 system is designed to sample the air and learn the characteristics of your space, then make adjustments as necessary to ensure a constant level of CO2. The CDM-6000 works in conjunction with the CDDS-2 controller (sequencer) to effectively enrich indoor gardens and greenhouses with CO2 or reconfigured the system mode to vent excess CO2 if desired.

The CDMC-6 can be used to operate CO2 producing (enrichment) equipment or CO2 venting (exhaust) equipment. Use the MODE button to quickly and easily switch between enrichment or venting functions. The venting mode is useful for evacuating accumulated CO2 in hospitals, class rooms, factories, conference and meeting rooms, offices, laboratories and mushroom culture facilities.

The CDM-6000 samples the air then sends the sample data to the CDDS-2. The CDDS-2 then activates or deactivates your CO2 enrichment or CO2 venting (exhaust) equipment as necessary to maintain CO2 PPM based on your set point. For best results, turn off all exhaust functions and close all doors and windows during the initial 24-hour adjustment period. You must allow this 24-hour adjustment period, every time you relocate the system to a new space. After 24 hours, you can restart your exhaust functions and continue as normal.

For best results, mount the CDM-6000 sensor in the middle of your greenhouse or indoor garden, or on a wall support structure opposite the CO2 enrichment equipment. Do not mount the sensor in the immediate vicinity of the CO2 equipment. Protect your system from foliar sprays and irrigation moisture. Corrosion resulting from these activities will interfere with the sensors ability to accurately monitor and control CO2.

In enrichment mode, the CDDS-2 employs a sophisticated adaptive algorithm “Overshoot Protection Logic” which learns the dynamics of the space being controlled. This allows the system to avoid dramatic overshoots inherent to set point controllers or timed CO2 enrichment. These learned parameters are stored in memory, even when the ‘POWER’ is off, until you reset the CDDS-2.

The graph below demonstrates the average variance in CO2 concentrations when using the CDMC-6 system with “Overshoot Logic Protections” verses timed CO2 enrichment. Note how the red line stabilizes much quicker to maintain more precise enrichment.

Example: Enrichment Mode Set Point = 1050 Hysteresis = 50



  • Built-in Photo Sensor for enhanced control
    • Easy to program and operate with adjustable hysteresis (differential)
    • Programmed for overshoot protection logic
    • Durable infrared sensor
    • CO2 measurement range from 0-5000 PPM
    • CO2 control range from 300-5000 PPM
    • Easy to read LED display light will not affect plant growth
    • Mode indicator LEDs
    • Factory calibrated and inspected for precision performance
    • Operates on 120 VAC at 60 Hz, 12 Amp switching capacity
    • Manufactured in Oregon, USA




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