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Green Air Products is a manufacturer and distributor specializing in products specific to the hydroponics industry.

Green Air Products is certainly one of the keystones of the hobby hydroponic industry, serving nearly 30 years as a primary manufacturer and supplier for the staples of this market. Specializing in such products as environmental and atmospheric controls. Among other things, Green Air Products pioneered the field of synchronized climate and CO2 enrichment, designing the first complete and comprehensive configuration of interconnecting controllers able to coordinate all of the essential aspects of environmental management. Making available to the serious hobbyist the tools they needed to accomplish a well-balanced and optimum plant zone environment. To this day it is hard to find a hydroponic store that does not feature Green Air Products as their primary line of atmospheric controls.

Green Air Products continued to develop products that were unique and specialized to this industry. They developed such familiar products as the air cooled lamp canopy and the infrared CO2 monitor. It was eventually inevitable that with their posture in the industry they would become a logical choice for other manufacturers to utilize as a distributor for their products. They began to offer fertilizers and solutions, and many other plant growth enhancers. Today Green Air Products sells hundreds of products that are applicable to this market and have formed beneficial alliances with other major players in the hydroponic industry to make their resources stronger and more diverse.

Green Air Products is one of the most recognized names in this specialty industry and their products can be found in nearly every hydroponic shop throughout the U.S. ,Canada, and beyond.

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